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What's With Yase
A man from nowhere came from behind, LEONARD "Bat-egg" GASPAR, tops on the first Agriculture Licensure Board Examination. See posters and print-ads for details.hehehe


"Matalino man ang matsing, si Bat-egg ang mas magaling."
Inside UPLB
  • Mar 22 - End of Classes
  • Mar 24 - Start of Final Exams
  • Mar 29 - End of Final Exams
Real Name: Angleica B. Colmenares
Screen Name: Angel Locsin
Birthday: April 23, 1985
Height: 5'5
School: ABE (Freshman)
Likes: friendly, thoughtful and loyal people
Dislikes: Untidy and mayabang person
Shows: Click - GMA
Commercials: Coke "Ang Coke
  Ko?!",Cream-O "Paul", Great
  Globe Adventure "Where Are
  We Rushing Ba?"

Pic of the Week
Cool guys!
  • Enzo - Mascott design
  • Rommel T - Directory
  • Mheo - Boyfriend ni Angel Locsin
  • Brods!! Thanks for the support.
And the nominees for graduation are:
  • Romeo Espeno
  • Jojo Samera
  • Adrian Gareza
  • Ron '99

Each year, students and teachers around a certain country celebrate Pi Day on March 14 (3/14 or 3.14). Pi is a number that has intrigued people throughout time. Part of its charm is that it is an irrational number; a decimal that does not terminate or repeat. Memorizing digits of pi is a favorite past time for some people! In March 2000, Jake Euget, a high school senior in Fargo, North Dakota, won his school’s annual pi memorization contest by reciting 5,005 digits of pi. He recited the digits in 55 minutes.
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